CIsco Ons Questions

Robert Blayzor rblayzor at
Wed Aug 22 16:47:29 UTC 2007

Andrew Matthews wrote:
> 1. Are there Channelized OC cards for the ONS? or are they just raw
> ports that can be done anyway needed? And if so are there OC3 and OC12
> Channelized?

OCx cards are all "channelized".  It all depends on the circuits you
want to build on them and whether or not they are concatinated or not.

> 2. If 1 is true, can the ONS mux circuits? For example; Can i take 2
> OC3s on one side, and mux them into one large OC12?

That's all SONET switching.  You can't do two OC3c's and merge them into
one large OC12c, but you can delivery two OC3c's on six STS's on the OC12.

> 3. If all are true, what oc3 and what oc12 card is needed? and i think
> its the IR since i'm not going over 70km between the ons and the
> connecting device.

You can use any OC3 or OC12 card, or any of the new MRC's.  You won't be
using IR for 70KM, you'll be using 1550nm ELR cards.

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