Do I or RR need dns clue?

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Fri Aug 17 05:11:58 UTC 2007

In article <200708170226.l7H2QZSw019129 at> you write:
>> Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET wrote:
>> > 	Down is there isn't power to it until it gets repaired. So its not
>> > answering period. A "nslookup" shows "timed-out". A "dig" shows 
>> > "connection timed out; no servers could be reached" (When querying ONLY
>> > against the down server).
>> > 
>> > 	So how do I go back to RR, who told me to take it out of my 
>> > NS records, that DNS is supposed to be silently falling back and trying
>> > again? 
>> The fact that they're rejecting on a 5xx error based on no DNS PTR is a
>> bit harsh.  While I'm all for requiring all hosts to have valid PTR
>> records, there are times when transient or problem servers can cause a
>> DNS lookup failure or miss, etc.  If anything they should be returning a
>> 4xx to have the remote host"try again later".
>	Sorry, they aren't giving a hard fail. Its a soft fail, so we'll 
>retry. But after 5 days of retrying, my servers will give up. (And, in
>the mean time, the mail isn't getting through, so my users are without mail
>{We store/forward for them} I don't know if the down (hard) server will be 
>back that soon (Its been 2 days as is). But the whole POINT of DNS is I have 
>a 2nd one listed, and they don't seem to care. They are telling me that they 
>want my "primary" one back up and running.
>			Tuc/TBOH		

	I know this is strange for nanog but if you actually stated the
	IP addresses of the mail servers we could look to see if there
	is a problem other than what you think the problem is.

	You havn't stated it here or on bind-users


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