Power, Data Centres ,and Iceland

Scott Francis darkuncle at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 22:30:12 UTC 2007

On 8/16/07, Rod Beck <Rod.Beck at hiberniaatlantic.com> wrote:
> How much is power as a percent of data centre operating expense? What sort
> of a range do you see?
>  We are building a high capacity cable to Iceland, which has already become
> a major aluminum smelting centre due to its cheap geothermal and hydro
> power, and we've already received inquiries for connectivity to Iceland for
> data centre opportunities.
>  I assume that expense and ability to scale the power network are the key
> concerns of the IT community. And for governments, carbon emissions should
>  matter.

[snip 58 (!) lines of sig, quoted unrelated thread, and legalese]

Nobody likes a netiquette pedant. Nevertheless:

1) please don't top post (consider your forum, at least)
2) please trim your sig (and original quoted message(s))
3) please don't hijack threads - it is confusing and difficult to follow
4) please avoid 10+ lines of totally inane unenforceable legalese
appended to the end of every reply (bonus irony points for having 6:1
ratio of sigs+legalese+quotes:new content).

thanks, from all of us who read mail on small screens (occasionally
over slow wireless connections).
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