Power, Data Centres ,and Iceland

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How much is power as a percent of data centre operating expense? What sort of a range do you see? 

We are building a high capacity cable to Iceland, which has already become a major aluminum smelting centre due to its cheap geothermal and hydro power, and we've already received inquiries for connectivity to Iceland for data centre opportunities. 

I assume that expense and ability to scale the power network are the key concerns of the IT community. And for governments, carbon emissions should

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> Mail to RR users is getting refused due to PTR issues. I contacted
> RR and explained that yea, one of our 2 DNS servers for the
> IN-ADDR.ARPA is down, but the other is fine.  They said that 
> I should either get the DNS server back up (Which of course
> is already being worked on, was the minute it went down)
> or delete it from ARIN IN-ADDR.ARPA records.
> Isn't the whole point of multiple DNS servers that if one is down
> the other can still answer queries? Or am I missing something
> here???

Depends exactly what your "down" server is doing.  If it's totally not
answering, the resolver at RR should silently fall back and try the other one.

It gets more interesting if your "down" server is still answering queries,
particlylarly if it's giving out "I never heard of it" answers with the
authoritative bit set because it's blown out a zone.  In that case, the RR
resolver is within its rights to assume that your NS knows what it's talking
about and believing it.

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