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Hex Star hexstar at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 13:41:54 UTC 2007

I find this to be a disturbing abuse issue by registrars as well... A good
example is a domain I owned, thedigitalfreeway.com ...it was owned by me and
used for a webhosting business:
the business fell through as I had little startup money and was forced
to close down and let the domain expire due to a ongoing ddos attack from
china botnets that neither I nor my ISP had the hardware to handle properly
(I didn't have the funds to buy such hardware). Since the domain expired now
look at the whois info:

Gawith, Marc mgawith at godaddy.com
1160 W. Canary Way
CHANDLER, Arizona 85248
United States

Godaddy took the domain and has parked it and is trying to sell it, I had
heard of registrars doing this but didn't believe it until now, this is not
right that registrars can just take a domain name, see if it generates any
revenue, and get the registration fee refunded if they dislike the domain's

P.S. Interesting:

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