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J. Oquendo sil at infiltrated.net
Thu Aug 16 13:29:28 UTC 2007

Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:

> I doubt if anybody would notice a DDoS attack against MAE-East. ;)

Who was it that doubted anyone would need more then 1024k of memory?

> 1) You need a pretty big hose, or a *lot* of computers to do it.

I would hope some have been reading news reports where its alleged this
particular botnet is over 1.7 million machines deep.

> 2a) The ankle-biters don't hose down backbones because (1) they don't usually
> even know what a backbone is, and (2) they're usually too busy pointing their
> DDoS tools at some other ankle-biter or IRC admin that cheesed them off.  Yes,
> these guys have taken out a few mid-tiers, but it's accidental collateral
> damage, not the intended target.

Come on now surely you don't believe this to be the only cases where
idiots us botnets. Have you not read the reports of morons hosing a
network for randsom.

> 2b) The pros don't hose down backbones, because if a backbone is down, they
> can't make money from their now-disconnected botnet.

Re-read above statement

> Yeah, a concerted effort probably *would* take out AS701 or similar.  But we
> don't see it happen often, because the people who have the ability to do it
> also realize that while AS701 is out napping, their other business ventures
> are taking a hit from the lost connectivity...

For years now I contemplated how long would it be before someone created
the ultimate botnet/backbone killer. I've always wondered "Hrmm... How
would I COUNTER this if x happened." I've rambled on about it for I
don't know 8 years now, starting with "Theories in DoS" before DDoS was
really even pimped out by Dave Dittrich... People thought (probably
still do think) I was (am) looney. My guess is, give or take a few years
and you will get that one pissed off person to lay the smack down on
peers worldwide.

When this happens (hopefully it won't), I'll sit back and ramble on some
more with "that's so yesterday... I predicted it a "real long time ago"
(www.infiltrated.net/chappelle.mp3) then go back to rambling on as I
always do.

J. Oquendo
"Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta"

sil . infiltrated @ net http://www.infiltrated.net

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