Network Inventory Tool

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Thu Aug 16 12:33:24 UTC 2007

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>	Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 11:31 PM
>	Subject: Network Inventory Tool
>	Guys,
>	Does anyone known some tool for network documentation with:
>	- inventory (cards, serial numbers, manufactor...)
>	- documentation (configurations, software version control, etc)
>	- topology building (L2, L3.. connections, layer control, ...)
>	All-in-one solution and It don't need to be free. I'm just
>	for some thing to control the equipments we have like routers
>	from some sort of suppliers, etc...
>	Marcio

Opsware Network Automation System does an excellent job. Not free. It
also handles configuration management, software management, compliance,
configuration policy management and other needs.	 

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