[policy] When Tech Meets Policy...

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Wed Aug 15 16:29:53 UTC 2007

>So, if they charged a $ 1 "return fee," they would either

It needn't even be that much.  Bob Parsons of Godaddy has proposed
that the 22 cent ICANN fee be non-refundable, an approach that has the
advantage that it removes any incentive by registrars or registries to
encourage tasting so they can keep the penalty money.

The .ORG registry asked last year for permission to charge 5 cents per
deletion to any registrar that deletes more than 90% of their
registrations.  The ICANN board approved it last November, so we
should be able to get some actual data about what difference it made,
although I am unable to find any reports on the PIR web site more
recent than last October.

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