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michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Wed Aug 15 07:44:07 UTC 2007

> Does anyone known some tool for network documentation with:
> - inventory (cards, serial numbers, manufactor...)
> - documentation (configurations, software version control, etc)
> - topology building (L2, L3.. connections, layer control, ...)

We've been using a modelling tool called WANDL which does a lot of this.
It imports router configs and the output of various show commands to
build a network model along with a lot of inventory info. If you give it
the geographic coordinates of all your devices (simple script) then it
will draw nice topology maps which you can color to show hot circuits.
There are tons of reports and reporting options including a number of
integrity checks that can show you where you have undefined routemaps or
unused ACLS, etc.

Although it can do discovery, we don't use that because we are more
interested in capacity planning. All the model info is stored in text
files so it is relatively easy to tweak it, modify it with scripts to
add tags to the maps, and so on.

--Michael Dillon

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