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Ken Eddings eddingsk at apple.com
Tue Aug 14 04:06:30 UTC 2007

At 6:45 PM -0500 8/13/07, Carl Karsten wrote:
>Ken Eddings wrote:
>>At 4:32 PM -0400 8/13/07, Justin Scott wrote:
>>>>Do people really not plan that far ahead, that they
>>>>need brand new domain names to be active (not just
>>>>reserved) within seconds?
>>>I can say from my experience working in a web development environment,
>>>yes.  I can recall several cases where we needed to get a domain online
>>>quickly for one reason or another.  Usually it revolves around the
>>>marketing department not being in-touch with the rest of the company and
>>>the wrong/misspelled domain name ends up in a print/radio/tv ad that is
>>>about to go to thousands of people and cannot be changed.  We end up
>>>having to go get the name that is in the ad and get it active as quickly
>>>as possible.
>>Been there.  But it's rare enough in real life that I'd happily waive the right for full refund return for immediate domain publishing.  Maybe marketing would learn to spell after a few costly mistakes.
>>Any other domain registrations getting a 3 day wait before publishing can have a more lenient return policy, maybe with a small processing fee.  That's not unreasonable, and has something for the registrars.
>>And grandma would be able to correct her typo, and the regstrars would have time to check grandma's credit card, since she's so typo-prone.
>I am not sure if this is what you are saying, but here is what just came to mind:
>2 choices, same price:
>1. instant, no refund.
>2. 3 day hold, not active, but refundable till the point it goes live.
>I also just noticed something that doesn't seem to have been brought up:  by registering, wait, refund, repeat - you can sit on a name for free. (under both current and my proposed.)  To prevent this we need a small processing fee.
>Carl K

Correct.  People that make mistakes can be accomodated.  People that make lots of mistakes start covering the costs of lots of corrections, and legitimate rush registrations can be paid for mistakes here would cost more.  I remember NetSol charging rush fees and that was before private registrations would let quick domain launches happen in a more controlled manner.

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