[policy] When Tech Meets Policy...

Chris L. Morrow christopher.morrow at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Aug 13 19:16:53 UTC 2007

On Mon, 13 Aug 2007, Steve Atkins wrote:
> On Aug 13, 2007, at 11:03 AM, Chris L. Morrow wrote:
> > So, to be clear folks want to make it much more difficult for
> > grandma-jones to return the typo'd: mygramdkids.com for
> > mygrandkids.com
> > right?
> If grandma-jones orders custom stationery and doesn't
> manage to spell her name correctly, she'll end up with
> misspelled stationery. The main difference is that
> a misspelled domain name is likely to be a much cheaper
> mistake than misspelled stationery.

I picked on example, there have been plenty of examples in the past of
folks just barely able to come up with 7$/yr for domain registration and
using donated hosting for their non-profit thing. I think the root isue
is: there is consumer protection today in the purchase system, do we want
to remove that in the future. Or do we want to find another method to
crack down on this problem without hurting consumers?

> A question to the registrars here: What fraction of legitimate
> domain registrations are reversed because the customer
> didn't know how to spell, and noticed that within the five
> day "dictionary time"?

I know that I've made one reversal... but maybe I was being picky :)

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