[policy] When Tech Meets Policy...

Douglas Otis dotis at mail-abuse.org
Mon Aug 13 17:11:48 UTC 2007

On Aug 12, 2007, at 6:41 AM, John Levine wrote:

> The problems with domain tasting more affect web users, with vast  
> number of typosquat parking pages flickering in and out of existence.

Domain tasting clearly affects assessments based upon domains.  With  
millions added and removed daily as part of "no cost" domain tasting  
programs, the number of transitioning domains has been increased by  
an order of magnitude.  Many of these new domains often appear as  
possible phishing domains.  The high number of tasting domains  
obscures which are involved in criminal activities.  This high number  
also makes timely notification of possible threats far less practical.

There is no advanced notification of new domains nor reliable  
information pertaining to domain ownership.  There are significant  
costs associated with analyzing and publishing domain assessment  
information.  Registries blithely ignore this reality by permitting  
the dangerous activity to continue free of change.  Perhaps those  
harmed by the resulting chaos that domain tasting creates could start  
a class action.   A coalition of financial institutions might prevail  
in both getting this program to end, and perhaps even require  
advanced notification of new domains.

Domain tasting is clearly buying criminals critical time due to the  
resulting high flux created for domain assessments.


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