Cisco CRS-1 vs Juniper 1600 vs Huawei NE5000E

JP Velders jpv at
Sat Aug 11 21:52:30 UTC 2007

> Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 19:47:44 -0300
> From: "Giuliano (UOL)" <giulianocm at>
> Subject: Re: Cisco CRS-1 vs Juniper 1600 vs Huawei NE5000E

> You can use Foundry XMR box.
> It has excellent performance under MPLS, BGP and Multicast Networks.
> But ... I never saw it under extreme conditions with IPv6 ...

If you need sane MTU controls on both L2 and L3 stay *very* *far* away 
from Foundry gear... Despite years and years of telling them they need 
to allow different MTU settings both at the VLAN as on the VE level 
they still Don't Get It (TM)... :( And I definitely know I'm not the 
only one who's repeatedly asked them about it. :(

Apart from that, if you need basic IPv4 stuff, aka not too fancy 
terribly new things, they have a very decent platform, with far lower 
port costs then C or J. And performance is also very good, especially 
since you get L2 and L3, whereas with J you'd need to go with the 
(very new) MX960, whose L2 featureset still eludes me, or the proven 
6509's (with beefy sup's) from C...

Kind regards,
JP Velders

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