Client information?

Hyunseog Ryu r.hyunseog at
Fri Aug 10 13:50:24 UTC 2007

For ISP, I don't care what applications customers are running.
As long as they are legitimate, it's o.k. with me.
Only concern will be whether they are running malicious code such as 
Virus, Spam, DDoS client, or not, which means abusing network resources 
and other people's resource.
For that purpose, pretty much nmap is performing basic function.
Then if you need, you can capture the info from network.
So I don't see the reason to spend additional money for finding more 
info about the host that connect to us.


Paul Atkins wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a network researcher. One question I want to ask the ISPs here 
> are that if they have a choice of finding more information about the 
> hosts that connect to them, is it something they will like to spend 
> money on? For example if the ISP can find out what applications is the 
> host running etc. would it be useful for the ISPs?
> Thanks

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