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Peter Dambier peter at
Fri Aug 10 13:20:15 UTC 2007

Paul Atkins wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a network researcher. One question I want to ask the ISPs here are 
> that if they have a choice of finding more information about the hosts 
> that connect to them, is it something they will like to spend money on? 
> For example if the ISP can find out what applications is the host 
> running etc. would it be useful for the ISPs?
> Thanks

I am not exactly an ISP.

Sometimes somebody is nocking at my door. If it sounds like they are
knocking with a pick and a hoe, I forget about good manners and ask
back with nmap.

Depending an what IASON and nmap are reporting I might give
botnet Gadi an email - but I dont take money for that sevice
nor is that so interesting I would pay money to know more.

And I see netbios ports open most of the time, so I guess it
must be windows mostly and the application is a bot.

The friendlier guys keep telling me their os and browser via the
html interface. If they disguise a Linux Konqeror as a Winows IE
that is no big problem.

Would it be useful for ISPs?

I guess yes. They might implement a non swimmers basin for the
windows people and a sharks only basin for the rest of us.

But I as a costumer would not want that. And paying money for
that "sevice" - beware.

Kind regards
Peter and Karin

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