Problems with either or AT&T?

Schliesser, Benson Benson.Schliesser at
Wed Aug 8 20:29:20 UTC 2007

Yep; when I sent my previous note, AS109 was still originating routes.
But packets seemed to die at the border router. Now I'm also seeing
routes via AS701 (UU/Verizon Biz) and AS1239 (Sprint) as well as AT&T,
but still no connectivity.

A few moments ago I was getting a response from the
website, but it was a 403 Forbidden response. Thus I suspect that it's
not even a network problem so much as a website (LB, server, etc) issue,
or a DDoS attack, etc.

(Perhaps operators are changing route policy, trying to "fix" the wrong


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> I can't speak for Cisco or Cisco IT, but as evidenced by this email, 
> at least part of our connectivity is up.
> No doubt someone official is looking at it as we speak.  (I'll just 
> lurk Nanog to get the skinny)..
> >A brief look at routeviews shows (
> >originating from AS109 (Cisco) and transiting via AS7132 
> (AT&T/SBC) and
> >AS7018 (AT&T). Thus I suspect this is an issue with AS109 (Cisco) and
> >not with their providers. Though, I do feel wrong using the plural
> >"providers" in this case...
> >
> >-Benson
> > >

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