bandwidth for PyCon 08 in Chicago

Hyunseog Ryu r.hyunseog at
Wed Aug 8 02:16:31 UTC 2007

Did you check with hotel whether they have available fiber or coax from 
local CO ?
In that case, installation cost may be reduced since it is matter of 
cross-connection with local ISP.
Hotel may have special arrangement with local ISP just in case of 
conference or something like that.


Carl Karsten wrote:
> Let me start with: I pretty much have no clue.  but it is ok, because 
> I don't get to spend any money.
> But I do get to help figure out how to get internet bandwidth to a 
> hotel near Chicago (Crown in Rosemont) for a week in March 08 and 
> figured maybe someone here can help.
> There are 2 aspects to this:
> 1. bandwidth for PyCon, and no one else.  This is the easiest, but 
> most costly.  (20k ish total)
> 2. help the Crown upgrade their setup from 3 T1s to a DS3. (the fiber 
> is there.) so they have it for other conventions.  more hassle, more 
> money, but less cost to PyCon.
> Below are some 'details' that a PyCon guy has collected.  Anyone here 
> feel this is there line of work?
> Carl K
> Highlights from Sean Reifschneider posts:
> -- begin quote --
> 04/02/07
> I've gotten a quote from Time Warner, one of the providers we use at our
> hosting facility.  Their price would be $5,543/month with $750 setup for
> month-to-month DS-3 service.  This would be a fully DS-3 running at 
> 45mbps.
> On top of this, we would probably need to spend a couple of grand on a
> router to terminate the line.  So far, this is the only place I've gotten
> who is willing to do a month-to-month DS-3, this pricing is quite good
> ***
> 4/8/07
> Here are my preliminary numbers for networking for 2008 and 2009:
>    45mbps DS-3 for 2008: $6,300
>    45mbps DS-3 for 2009: $6,300
>    Router to terminate DS-3 for 2008&9: $4600
>    Additional access points for 2008&9: $2300
>    Switches, network, and power cables 2008&9: $500
>    Stands or mounting for APs for 2008&9: $1000
> This largely assumes we are going to go with the DS-3, so things may 
> change
> depending on that.  The first year outlay would be around $14,700, second
> year I would expect to be more like $6,300.
> ****
> I did see one price saying $1300/month for a DS-3 with 10mbps, and 
> 130mbps
> above that.   This is burstable service, up to 45mbps, so we
> would just pay for what we'd use above 10mbps.
> ***
> 06/28/07
> I believe the cost is something around $2500 for a single month term
> ***
> 7/7/07
> I've asked Randy of TWTC what needs to be done about getting the contract
> signed for 2008.  I've asked him to work with you, David, about the date
> and any other information he needs for the contrac
> -- end quote --

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