bandwidth for PyCon 08 in Chicago

Matt Liotta mliotta at
Wed Aug 8 02:09:25 UTC 2007

If you are looking for wireless in Chicago I would suggest Business Only 
Broadband. I don't have any direct experience with them, but others have 
had good things to say. Regardless, I agree with David; wireless is 
ideal for short-term bandwidth needs.


David E. Smith wrote:
> On Tue, August 7, 2007 6:48 pm, Carl Karsten wrote:
>> 1. bandwidth for PyCon, and no one else.  This is the easiest, but most
>> costly.
>>   (20k ish total)
> That seems awfully high for a short-term hookup, though from the rest of
> the email I'm guessing you're mainly looking at wireline hookups. Have you
> shopped around for a short-term wireless link?
> If you can get on the roof of the hotel, and the roof of someone else
> nearby that has more bandwidth, and point a pair of radios at each other,
> that's probably do-able for far less than 20k.
> In Chicago, the folks at CW Lab ( may be able to get you
> started. They're more of a consulting firm now, from the looks of their
> Web site, but they've done things like this before, and they're local to
> Chicago; if they can't help they probably know someone who can.
> David Smith

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