bandwidth for PyCon 08 in Chicago

Carl Karsten carl at
Tue Aug 7 23:48:02 UTC 2007

Let me start with: I pretty much have no clue.  but it is ok, because I don't 
get to spend any money.

But I do get to help figure out how to get internet bandwidth to a hotel near 
Chicago (Crown in Rosemont) for a week in March 08 and figured maybe someone 
here can help.

There are 2 aspects to this:

1. bandwidth for PyCon, and no one else.  This is the easiest, but most costly. 
  (20k ish total)

2. help the Crown upgrade their setup from 3 T1s to a DS3. (the fiber is there.) 
so they have it for other conventions.  more hassle, more money, but less cost 
to PyCon.

Below are some 'details' that a PyCon guy has collected.  Anyone here feel this 
is there line of work?

Carl K

Highlights from Sean Reifschneider posts:
-- begin quote --

I've gotten a quote from Time Warner, one of the providers we use at our
hosting facility.  Their price would be $5,543/month with $750 setup for
month-to-month DS-3 service.  This would be a fully DS-3 running at 45mbps.
On top of this, we would probably need to spend a couple of grand on a
router to terminate the line.  So far, this is the only place I've gotten
who is willing to do a month-to-month DS-3, this pricing is quite good


Here are my preliminary numbers for networking for 2008 and 2009:

    45mbps DS-3 for 2008: $6,300
    45mbps DS-3 for 2009: $6,300
    Router to terminate DS-3 for 2008&9: $4600
    Additional access points for 2008&9: $2300
    Switches, network, and power cables 2008&9: $500
    Stands or mounting for APs for 2008&9: $1000

This largely assumes we are going to go with the DS-3, so things may change
depending on that.  The first year outlay would be around $14,700, second
year I would expect to be more like $6,300.

I did see one price saying $1300/month for a DS-3 with 10mbps, and 130mbps
above that.   This is burstable service, up to 45mbps, so we
would just pay for what we'd use above 10mbps.
I believe the cost is something around $2500 for a single month term
I've asked Randy of TWTC what needs to be done about getting the contract
signed for 2008.  I've asked him to work with you, David, about the date
and any other information he needs for the contrac

-- end quote --

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