40Gbit private peer

Todd Underwood todd-nanog at renesys.com
Thu Aug 2 17:50:10 UTC 2007

> we have brought up what we believe is the first private 
> peer at 40G between two independent networks.

40G.  cool.

>   30 second input rate 77849000 bits/sec, 7236 packets/sec
>   30 second output rate 17464000 bits/sec, 5023 packets/sec

or 77Mb/s.  

hrm.  so confusing.  

i regularly do 80+Mb/s on 100 Mb/s full duplex links.  perhaps you
should have considered that technology for this application.  Or even
copper or fiber gigabit interfaces.

i think you'll find that both options are considerably cheaper for the
traffic that you have.  you may be able to use the remaining capex
spend on other gear inside of your network.


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