Redistribute routes from EIGRP into BGP VRF

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Thu Aug 2 12:17:15 UTC 2007

Hello all,


Currently working on a solution at the moment where I receive specific
/25 routes via a leased line into the global routing table via EIGRP on
a Cisco 2801.


I then need to inject these routes into a BGP VRF to be advertised onto
BGP Peers within the VRF Network.


The /24 routes for the Site LAN are injected via Radius on the DSL
Routers so this task makes the /25 more favourable via the Leased Line



IOS Version on 2801 (Router B) = Version 12.4(12a)


BGP VRF Config:

router bgp 65xxx

 no synchronization

 no bgp log-neighbor-changes

 bgp scan-time 10

 no auto-summary


 address-family ipv4 vrf test1

 redistribute connected

 redistribute static

 redistribute eigrp



Simple Diagram attached


Routers C & D do not see the redistributed routes from Router B via BGP.


Not sure if this is an IOS Bug, but this should work??




Stephen Bailey

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