Questions about populating RIR with customer information.

Steven Champeon schampeo at
Wed Aug 1 14:11:03 UTC 2007

on Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 09:47:45AM -0400, Drew Weaver wrote:
> Up until recently, we were only providing the RIR database with
> information about our larger allocations /24 or larger. We have
> noticed however that many anti-spam organizations such as Spamhaus,
> and Fiveten will use the lack of information regarding an IP
> allocation as a blank check to blacklist entire /24s when they are
> really targeting a single /30 or a /29.

It's not just Spamhaus. How do you expect *anyone* to know whether an
abusive customer of yours has a /29 or a /18 unless you *tell us* in
rwhois? We happily block large swaths of the network due to failure
on the providers' parts to adequately describe the allocation. rDNS
scans and guesswork are fine, but it's much better if we can count on
the providers' actual assignments as published in rwhois and block the
smaller allocations instead.

> Is there some way that we can 'proxy' the information so that it
> simply states that the /29 has been allocated to a customer but it
> doesn't provide their contact information?

Why on earth would you want to do that? In a world where 90%+ of our
inbound mail traffic is abuse, I think accountability trumps privacy.

Anyone using those stupid cloaked whois listings is automatic fodder for
the filters here. Your right to access my resources ends when you deny
me the ability to identify you if I so choose, on evidence of ill

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