Questions about populating RIR with customer information.

michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Wed Aug 1 14:10:30 UTC 2007

> Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Sorry if this is the 
> wrong place to ask.

First of all, this strikes me as a legal and policy decision. For the
legal aspects you should ask your lawyer or take it up on a legal blog

For the policy aspects, you really should take it to the RIRs where you
have IP allocations. All RIRs operate policy discussion mailing lists. 

One disturbing thing that I saw in your message is that you seem to be
accepting the fact that a so-called anti-spam organization can dictate
how you operate your network and what requirements you must meet. I
would suggest that this is the wrong way to approach the problem, rather
like letting the tail wag the dog. It would be better for you to join an
organization like MAAWG which is attempting to
define best current practices for ISPs. I don't know whether or not they
have dealt with this particular issue yet, but it sounds like something
that falls under their umbrella.

-Michael Dillon

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