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Fri Sep 29 22:27:08 UTC 2006

On 9/29/06, Rick Kunkel <kunkel at w-link.net> wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Sep 2006, Jay Hennigan wrote:
> > Rick Kunkel wrote:
> > > I thought about cutting and pasting verbatim the notification I got from
> > > InterNAP, but then noticed the "The contents of this email message are
> > > confidential and proprietary" blurb at the end, and thought better of it,
> > > even though they weren't to blame...
> >
> > Somebody actually reads those???
> >
> >

> I generally don't pay too much attention...  In this case, I hadn't even
> seen one.  But, for whatever reason, after the email was composed, I
> suddenly thought maybe I should check.  The last thing I wanted to be
> responsible was somehow violating a contract or something.  Who knows,
> maybe it's in the blasted 9 billion page agreement that management types
> sign when we get service from people.
> In any case, InterNAP's was a far cry from the kind that you parody
> below.  It really only was that one sentence....
> "The contents of this email message are confidential and proprietary."
> Nevertheless, maybe I should post it anyhow.  It's not like it shows them
> in a bad light.  On the contrary, they've been the most in-touch and
> seemingly truthful amongst the providers we've had.
> --Rick

It wouldn't be the first time INAP's e-mails have been posted.  But
really it doesn't say anymore than what's already been said on this
list thus far.  Fiber cut, some routing horkage on the West Coast with
gblx and maybe some other providers, people working on it, no ETR,
yadda, yadda, yadda.


Just my $.02, your mileage may vary,  batteries not included, etc....

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