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Rick Kunkel kunkel at w-link.net
Fri Sep 29 21:39:02 UTC 2006

On Fri, 29 Sep 2006, Jay Hennigan wrote:

> Rick Kunkel wrote:
> > I thought about cutting and pasting verbatim the notification I got from
> > InterNAP, but then noticed the "The contents of this email message are
> > confidential and proprietary" blurb at the end, and thought better of it,
> > even though they weren't to blame...
> Somebody actually reads those???
> NOTICE:  This communication may contain confidential and/or privileged
> information.  If you are not the intended recipient, or believe that you
> have received this communication in error, you are obligated to kill
> yourself and anyone else who may have read it.  So there.  My disclaimer
> is scarier than yours.  Nyaah.  You started this silly nonsense.  Knock
> it off and I will too, ok?  It's worthless from a legal standpoint, 
> makes you look really clueless, and is a waste of CPU cycles.  Nobody
> reads it anyway.  You're not actually reading this, are you?  I didn't
> think so.
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I generally don't pay too much attention...  In this case, I hadn't even
seen one.  But, for whatever reason, after the email was composed, I
suddenly thought maybe I should check.  The last thing I wanted to be
responsible was somehow violating a contract or something.  Who knows, 
maybe it's in the blasted 9 billion page agreement that management types 
sign when we get service from people.

In any case, InterNAP's was a far cry from the kind that you parody 
below.  It really only was that one sentence....

"The contents of this email message are confidential and proprietary."

Nevertheless, maybe I should post it anyhow.  It's not like it shows them 
in a bad light.  On the contrary, they've been the most in-touch and 
seemingly truthful amongst the providers we've had.


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