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Niels Bakker wrote:
> * from_nanog at corenap.com (Albert Meyer) [Thu 28 Sep 2006, 21:47 CEST]:
>> William Allen Simpson wrote:
>>> Don't forget to CC all the traffic to NANOG list. 
>> Please don't do that. We don't need more pontification from Gadi. This
>> new separate list sounds like a great idea, if only because it will
>> distract him from NANOG-L. I don't post much but I read NANOG-L for
>> the operational content, and the off-topic posts generated by Gadi and
>> his supporters/detractors significantly reduce the SNR. I've been
>> sending him private emails asking him to stop polluting NANOG-L for
>> some time, but those emails have had no effect, nor have the numerous
>> public requests posted to the list by others. Hoping that another list
>> will entice him away seems to be our only hope, and forwarding that
>> list here would defeat the purpose.
> Gadi's tactics in a nutshell:
> 1) develop a long-term habit of posting off-topic stuff to nanog
> 2) get called on it repeatedly
> 3) challenge what's supposed to be "on-topic" for the mailing list anyway
> 4) start a new mailing list in an attempt to take real content away from
> nanog
> 5) ???
> 6) profit!
> Don't fall for it, people.
>     -- Niels.
- ---------------------------------
I apologize if I wasn't clear in my original e-mail. The outages mailing
list is being run by me (virendra rode) with the only motive to help the
network operator community. Gadi & Randy were nice enough to offer help
w/ bandwidth and hosting this mailing list.

I would really appreciate if folks can show some professionalism & keep
their personal (non-operational) attacks  off list. You are not being
productive nor helping with the process. Email me directly and I will
assist in resolving your questions and concerns.

As far as the outages mailing list goes, this list will remain general
Internet backbone style outage-centric mailing list and I welcome
constructive criticism.

Ideally (if I have better luck) I would like to get providers to direct
outage notices to this list. All that really matters is that we have a
central pace where network operators (nanog, sanog, isp-routing,
cisco-nsp, etc) can post notice (backbone-types) of problems so that
people are aware of them and can offer an informed answer.

I would really appreciate everyones co-operation.

Thanks for listening.


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