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Andrew Kirch AKirch at AllThingsIT.com
Thu Sep 28 19:51:26 UTC 2006

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> William Allen Simpson wrote:
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> > Don't forget to CC all the traffic to NANOG list.
> Please don't do that. We don't need more pontification from Gadi. This
> separate list sounds like a great idea, if only because it will
> him
> from NANOG-L. I don't post much but I read NANOG-L for the operational
> content,
> and the off-topic posts generated by Gadi and his
> significantly reduce the SNR. I've been sending him private emails
> him to
> stop polluting NANOG-L for some time, but those emails have had no
> nor
> have the numerous public requests posted to the list by others. Hoping
> that
> another list will entice him away seems to be our only hope, and
> forwarding that
> list here would defeat the purpose.

So, the jist of your argument is "hey everybody! Lets create a new list
so I don't have to maintain a killfile!"
<sarcasm>This seems like an intelligent suggestion to me!</sarcasm>
Please take the time to invest in a killfile.  It will save you from
listening to their pontificating, and us from listening to you whine.

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