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Albert Meyer from_nanog at corenap.com
Thu Sep 28 19:45:14 UTC 2006

William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Don't forget to CC all the traffic to NANOG list. 

Please don't do that. We don't need more pontification from Gadi. This new 
separate list sounds like a great idea, if only because it will distract him 
from NANOG-L. I don't post much but I read NANOG-L for the operational content, 
and the off-topic posts generated by Gadi and his supporters/detractors 
significantly reduce the SNR. I've been sending him private emails asking him to 
stop polluting NANOG-L for some time, but those emails have had no effect, nor 
have the numerous public requests posted to the list by others. Hoping that 
another list will entice him away seems to be our only hope, and forwarding that 
list here would defeat the purpose.

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