Google Outage Yesterday

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I am aware of this but this is what's so confusing as we run our own  
nameservers in our own facilities for a very large number of  
customers so we do not rely on any of Comcast services at all. I do  
not even have Comcast for a provider at home :) I also know of other  
AS's that were affected that do not rely on any of comcast services.

Plus I would never bring a home broadband issue as such to NANOG I  
know a lot better that that :)

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On Sep 28, 2006, at 12:25 AM, Fergie wrote:

> Elijah:
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> I have not seen this show up on the list yet neither have I seen any
> public statements released.
> It is being passed on as a comcast problem but I know of others with
> connectivity as well as myself hat has no connectivity at all with  
> comcast.
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