[da] news: Trend Micro launches anti-botnet service

brett watson brett at the-watsons.org
Tue Sep 26 06:35:48 UTC 2006

On Sep 25, 2006, at 9:04 PM, Jeff Kell wrote:

>> Well, a prefix hijack either means a router has been pwned, as I  
>> suggested,
>> or a router is (as Governor Tarkin put it) "far too trusting" of  
>> its peers.
>> And anyhow, I was speaking of BGP flaps in the context of botnets  
>> - has anybody
>> seen an in-the-wild botnet that played BGP games?
> No, but playing some BGP games could certainly help to *mitigate*  
> them.
> Turn the C&C list into a community.  I've thrown the idea around  
> several
> times but can't get any takers...

been there, tried that:



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