recap of nanog-futures on "on topic" and proposed compromise

Gadi Evron ge at
Sun Sep 24 16:21:18 UTC 2006

Basically, there is a crowd that says only network related stuff, say,
trasnit ISP's (as an example, not to say them alone) would be interested
in, is on topic.

Others say there are other issues which are oprations related and
of interest to them. We are split.

A compromise has now been suggested (by me). The only thing both sides
agree on is that in fact, the replies and flame wars on what is on topic
or isn't, and who should speak of what, are disruptive.

Thus, the compromise idea is that for now and for a predetermined period
of time, we start with one small change. Debugging is done one step at a
time rather than in earthshattering moves.

How about we, for now, only change one thing about NANOG - the specific
off topic posts that tell others to be quiet, or that they are
off-topic will be disallowed. This is really a concensus and a good way to
start making progress rather than escalating a conflict between people
who just want to get things done and see the NANOG community as a home.

I believe it's a good temporary solution which will take us ahead, to
measure how things go, as well as be able to find out what we all agree
on afterwards. As well as increase the value of the list almost

This re-cap is from my perspective, naturally. We can keep arguing over
who said what or what's on or off topic forever. Consolidating on what we
all agree would be a change for the better and starting there sounds like
a good idea to me.

Solving this in a civil fashion just became so much more attractive.



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