Have you really got clue?

Farrell,Bob bobf at studentsonly.com
Fri Sep 22 09:32:35 UTC 2006

Well said. He can't respond right now, his computer has been infected.

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> that, and a thread where half of the posts are from the
> initial poster himself anyway. but then, happily watching
> him, at least he is creative in topics... i am mentally
> killfilling his threads anyway, less and less relevant.
> it is scary what stuff is discussed lately.
> -ako

OK, Alexander Koch. You apparently have clue and you
apparently know what *IS* on topic for this mailing
list. Instead of posting an off-topic message like
the one above, kindly post a message listing *ALL*
of the topics that belong on this list. 

And if anyone else here thinks they know what is
on topic, please tell us.

I am getting bored by the flood of negative messages
that say only "You can't say that here". Please stop
telling us what you cannot say on NANOG. If you really
must register your discontent with a message, then 
at least take the time to list some of the topics that
belong on the list.

What is NANOG all about? What is relevant to network
operations? Is NANOG a narrowly focused technical list
for a small group of technical specialists? Or is it
some kind of broader industry-focused list that covers
many issues relevant to the industry?

--Michael Dillon

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