Brazil (was: Re: Zimbabwe satellite service shutdown for non-payment)

Evaldo Gardenali evaldo at
Thu Sep 21 01:22:38 UTC 2006

Gadi Evron wrote:
> On another level, Brazil which is now introduced to the broadband
> revolution has many of the massive security issues impacting the Internet,
> much like Israel used to have when we underwent the Internet revolution.
Heh. We do indeed have lots of windows zombies on the DSLs, yes, but our 
infrastructure is not that bad security-wise. Now tell me any country 
that doesnt have lots of windows zombies around ;)
Of course,  we miss some RESPONSIVE attack mitigation desks, as I am 
tired of submitting abuse reports and never getting a reply/solution :( 
I know some companies that have excellent desks at work, some of which 
have friends of mine at work ;)

> (not to say anything against Brazil. Nice people, serious professionals
> and very hot (and fun!) women).
Haha! Yes, I love my country!
> 	Gadi
Greetings from Brazil


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