Removal of my brain

Todd Vierling tv at
Wed Sep 20 20:23:46 UTC 2006

On 9/20/06, billn at <billn at> wrote:
> More to the point, why punish the entire list by bickering about a
> minority inability to cope with the fact that some people are different?

It's because some MUAs are dain bramaged.

> The world has more than eight bits.

Which is just one of the reasons that the MIME type
"multipart/alternative" exists.  Sane MUAs that wish to send HTML also
send a text/plain alternative segment in the same MIME stream.

The unfortunate part is that this classifies Thunderbird as not
"sane", because its default configuration for dual-format output is
"ask me" based on whether all addresses are in the address book with
the HTML option enabled, rather than simply always sending multipart
by default.

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