Removal of my brain

billn at billn at
Wed Sep 20 19:46:23 UTC 2006

> An e-mail message *can* in fact, be HTML, as HTML is a text payload like any
> other.
> It's not his (or the world's) fault your MUA is locked into 1982 mode and
> won't process the tags that are included in it.
> Cheers,
> D
> On Sep 20, 2006, at 2:20 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
> >
> >you sent html as opposed to an email message.  as i do not use a web browser
> >to read mail, i can not read your message.  if you want me to read your
> >email, send email.
> >
> >randy
> >

More to the point, why punish the entire list by bickering about a 
minority inability to cope with the fact that some people are different? 
I'm sure if the message had been posted in Spanish, or hey, maybe even 
French, since English isn't the singular language of North America, this 
wouldn't be an issue.

The world has more than eight bits. The community at large (read: me) does 
not care if someone has been left out because they *chose* to be or lacks 
the ability or wherewithal to adapt. In short: Technical snobbery is not 
operational. It took more effort to respond saying the mail couldn't be 
read than it probably took to sanitize it for reading. Being a member of 
the vocal minority isn't a point of pride, you're just louder than 
someone else.

All ten out of the ten dinosaurs interviewed agree: Evolve, dodge the 
flaming ball of death, or stop showing up for dinner. The network will 
still be here long after your non-threaded news reader stops working.

- billn

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