ARIN sucks?

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Mon Sep 18 01:59:38 UTC 2006


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> On Sun, 17 Sep 2006, David Temkin wrote:
> > Also, you're incorrect on the process.  You can definitely 
> get an ASN 
> > without IP space.
> I find that fascinating.  The ARIN template:
> states:
> 12. Indicate all IP address blocks currently in use in
>      your network.
> You fill in "none" and ARIN has given you an ASN?  Under what 
> conditions?
> -Hank Nussbacher

My more specific point was that you do not need IP space from ARIN
specifically to get an ASN.  Nowhere in the instructions does it say
that you must have PI space to get an ASN.  Also, as someone else
stated, it may very well be possible to get an ASN when stating "none".

> In addition, ARIN doesn't accept American Express.

Also, they do accept AMEX.  I just paid them about 3 weeks ago using it.


" Immediate online payment by credit card (American Express, Discover,
MasterCard, and Visa) "

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