IPv6 PI block is announced - update your filters 2620:0000::/23

Bill Stewart nonobvious at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 05:49:36 UTC 2006

> Call me naive, but could somebody enlighten me as to what tangible
> benefit filtering out bogon space actually achieves? It strikes me
> that it causes more headaches than it solves.

All packets arriving from bogon space have the "evil bit" set.
There's nobody there you want to talk to, and there's nobody there
that your users really want to talk to, even if they got the address from
some "legitimate" source like the DNS server for examplebank.com.

IPv6 bogons aren't likely to be spammers, because there's not enough
critical mass there yet to make it worthwhile, but that just means that the
greedy6 bit hasn't been implemented widely, and that'll eventually get fixed.

             Thanks;     Bill

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