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Jon Lewis jlewis at
Thu Sep 14 18:43:32 UTC 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Lasher, Donn wrote:

> approved on the first try. I personally have a 0% success rate, and I
> spent a year or two in college....

I assume you mean 0% success on first submission of the template.  My 
experience has usually been that I don't give them quite enough detail on 
the first try.  They say "fill in some more detail here and here."  The 
hardest part for me has always been forecasting expected future need. 
Our business changes frequently, and I never know what our expected usage 
will least not with any certainty.  Last time, we were about to 
roll our DLSAMs in a bunch of COs.  The FCC pulled the UNE rug out from 
under us right as we were beginning deployment, and we canceled that idea.

> With RWHOIS your IP usage data is internal, easily searchable,
> modifyable without going through email ping-pong with ARIN. We (at a

Are you aware of the use of ">" in [ARIN] whois queries?  With that, it's 
trivial (though time consuming) to get a list of all your SWIPs, and then 
have someone verify that everything that should be SWIPed is, and any 
stale ones are undone.

I don't agree with the idea that you should only request and receive 3 
months worth of IPs at a time, and I wonder how commonly anyone does that 
in practice...but this is the wrong list for that debate.

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