ARIN sucks? was Re: Kremen's Buddy?

Lasher, Donn DLasher at
Thu Sep 14 17:36:06 UTC 2006

Jack Wrote:
>I'm curious why you converted to RWHOIS. I SWIP'd my entire network to
get my assignments. Many large ISPs still SWIP.
> I didn't have time to mess with RWHOIS.

Control. Auditing. 

We got tired of spending countless resources trying to keep track of
what we had, what ARIN thought we had, how to make the two match, how to
modify it, etc. I don't know what ARIN's stats are, but I would imagine
they have some VERY low number (I'd guess 5%) of IP XXX forms that are
approved on the first try. I personally have a 0% success rate, and I
spent a year or two in college....

With RWHOIS your IP usage data is internal, easily searchable,
modifyable without going through email ping-pong with ARIN. We (at a
previous employer)used a 3rd party integration program which stored the
data in a database, then wrote out the rwhois file structure, which
helped eliminate some of the pain of using the rwhois daemon by itself.

It made any new IP address requests far easier, since we could do a
complete self-audit before we ever asked ARIN for more space. I have to
believe they far prefer that method of customer IP interaction as well.
They don't have to chase virtual-paper forms around...

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