[Fwd: Kremen VS Arin Antitrust Lawsuit - Anyone have feedback?]

Roland Perry lists at internetpolicyagency.com
Wed Sep 13 20:28:34 UTC 2006

In article <20060913173849.GR27801 at bloomcounty.org>, Clay Fiske 
<clay at bloomcounty.org> writes
>Some people may know your phone number off the top of their heads, but
>most will have to look it up.

They will look mine up by reading my business card, reading my adverts, 
calling up my web page (OK, they are just an online advert), or looking 
at my email sig (OK, not the one I use here).

But none of these says "call 411 to get my number". In fact, I'm usually 
"unlisted", to avoid getting unwanted calls from strangers.
Roland Perry

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