Kremen's Buddy?

Joe Abley jabley at
Wed Sep 13 00:46:11 UTC 2006

Le 2006-09-12 à 19:52, Richard A Steenbergen a écrit :

> Ever notice the only folks happy with the status quo are the few  
> who have
> already have an intimate knowledge of the ARIN allocation process,  
> and/or
> have the right political connections to resolve the "issues" that  
> come up
> when dealing with them?

No, I haven't noticed that. I have noticed people popping up and  
saying "so long as you supply the documentation that they ask for,  
it's pretty easy", however, which certainly matches my experience.

> Try looking at it from an outsider's point of view instead. If  
> you're new
> to dealing with ARIN, it is not uncommon to find the process is  
> absolutely
> baffling, frustrating, slow, expensive, and requiring intrusive  
> disclosure
> just shy of an anal cavity probe.

Things that you've never done before can seem difficult. Film at 11.

It's confusing to me that there appears to be no shortage of people  
who are prepared to learn the three hundred ways of doing the same  
thing with perl, or how to dissect a core dump, or how BGP works, but  
who at the same time are not interested in reading the ARIN policy  
manual before making a request for resources.

Learning curves abound in every direction. The ARIN process is by far  
the easiest of those examples to get to grips with from someone who  
has no prior experience.

> In any kind of free market system, competition would have  
> bitchslapped the
> current ARIN way of doing things a long, long time ago.

I'm not an economist, and this is not a policy list, so I have  
nothing to say about that here.


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