[Fwd: RE: Kremen VS Arin Antitrust Lawsuit - Anyone have feedback?]

Steve Gibbard scg at gibbard.org
Mon Sep 11 18:36:00 UTC 2006

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Chris Jester wrote:

> Also, what about ARINS hardcore attitude making it near impossible
> to aquire ip space, even when you justify it's use?  I have had
> nightmares myself as well as MANY of my collegues share similar experiences.
> I am having an issue right now with a UNIVERSITY in Mexico tryin to get
> ip's from the mexican counterpart.  Why is it that they involve lawyers,
> ask you all your customers names and etc... This is more information than
> I think they should be requiring. Any company that wishes to engage in
> business as an ISP or provider in some capacity should be granted the
> right to their own ip space. We cannot trust using ips swipped to us by
> upstreams and the like. Its just not safe to do that and you lose control.
> Actually, is there anyone else who shares these nightmares with me?
> I brought up the lawsuit with Kremen and ARIN to see if this is a common
> issue.  What are your views, and can someone share nightmare stories?

Having successfully been through the ARIN application process several 
times, on behalf of a few different organizations, and watched others both 
succeed and fail, it doesn't look all that complicated.  Those who qualify 
under the policies, have or can generate good documentation, supply 
complete information as requested, and respond completely to any follow-up 
questions, tend to get through the process fairly quickly.  Those who 
don't qualify, or who decide that the process is going to be too difficult 
and attempt to fudge, it often get into trouble.

Those who are successful in this business usually follow the process, 
because it's the path of least resistance.  That's the practical answer. 
One of the legal questions in this case seems to be whether the policies 
are legal, and I suspect few of the active participants on this list have 
the necessary legal background to answer that.


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