portability... HAH!

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Sat Sep 9 23:04:29 UTC 2006

> >And the same way that government forced telephone number portability, I 
> >foresee one day government requiring IP number portability among ISPs in 
> >order to increase competition.  So all those SWIPS and PA assignments in 
> >ARIN/RIPE/APNIc may one day be used to allow Acme Nail with their /29 
> >assignment to leave ISP A and move to ISP B.  Legislators have been 
> >known to make more idiotic laws and regulations so don't think it 
> >couldn't happen.
> Customers already have portability.  It's called DNS.
> IP addresses aren't published in the big web rolodexes.  They don't need 
> their IP address to stay with them.
> pt

	yeah... like BGP peers are looked up thorugh DNS,
	        SNMP is all DNS-lookup based,
	        SYSLOG doesnt care about MAC or IP addresses,
	        ISP's -never- re-write their DNS entries to actually
		  map the clients prefered/canonical DNS entries
		application vendors always map software licenses to 
		DNS names and never IP addresses.
		and...  how do you find those DNS servers in the first 

	man I'd love to live in your universe...   or are you suggesting 
	that things have evolved in the last decade to the point that the
	ostensible goal of the IETF PIER wg can finally be met, to  
	completely renumber the entire Internet every 20 minutes... :)


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