[Fwd: Kremen VS Arin Antitrust Lawsuit - Anyone have feedback?]

Pete Templin petelists at templin.org
Sat Sep 9 21:06:24 UTC 2006

Hank Nussbacher wrote:

> And the same way that government forced telephone number portability, I 
> foresee one day government requiring IP number portability among ISPs in 
> order to increase competition.  So all those SWIPS and PA assignments in 
> ARIN/RIPE/APNIc may one day be used to allow Acme Nail with their /29 
> assignment to leave ISP A and move to ISP B.  Legislators have been 
> known to make more idiotic laws and regulations so don't think it 
> couldn't happen.

Customers already have portability.  It's called DNS.

IP addresses aren't published in the big web rolodexes.  They don't need 
their IP address to stay with them.


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