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andrew2 at one.net andrew2 at one.net
Fri Sep 8 18:16:52 UTC 2006

>>> 3) What's wrong with treating assignments like property and setting
up a market to buy and sell them? There's plenty of precedent for this:

>>> Mineral rights, mining claims, Oil and gas leases, radio spectrum.  
>>>  If a given commodity is truly scarce, nothing works as good as the
free market in encouraging consumers to conserve and make the best use
of it.  
>> I think you're dead-on there, but you forget who you're really trying
to convince.  It'll happen eventually but in the meantime the greybeards
who were  
>> largely responsible for the Internet as we know it (and who by and
large still wield significant influence if not still stewardship) will
be dragged there kicking  
>> and screaming from their academic/pseudo-Marxist ideals, some of whom
seem to still resent the commercialization of the Internet.  It's also
hard to see  
>> the faults in the system when you are insulated by your position as
member of the politburo.  
>> The flip side of the coin of course is that if you let the free
market reign on IP's, you may price developing countries right off the
Internet which I don't think  
>> anyone sees as a desirable outcome.  There's sure to be a happy
middle ground that people smarter than I will figure out, and maybe it
takes a silly lawsuit  
>> such as this to kick things off. 
>> Andrew Cruse  
> Another somewhat important point is that we also need to conserve
routing entries.  If you make a market for addresses without regard to
routability, you risk  
> creating a situation where you flood the world with /32's.  No thanks.

> Tony  
I would think that would tend to police itself.  Even now with things as
they are you're going to have serious reachability problems if you try
to announce anything smaller than a /24.  And if routing tables suddenly
explode, I'd expect that threshold to quickly move in reaction.
Andrew Cruse
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