comast email issues, who else has them?

Warren Kumari warren at
Thu Sep 7 20:05:29 UTC 2006

On Sep 6, 2006, at 5:11 PM, Christopher L. Morrow wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
>> Because Comcast's tools are broken and when other mail admins or even
>> their own customers call them on it, they're not even competent  
>> enough
>> to understand the complaint and refuse to escalate?
> I hate to say this, and get involved in the melee, but... Perhaps the
> problem is that for an average customer service employee there are  
> 1000
> calls about something meaningless and not-wrong and only 1 call about
> something truly wrong? So escalating every problem that seems even  
> half
> baked isn't an option?

While working at a small ISP many years ago I used to make it a point  
to take a few first level support calls a week -- it gives you a new  
appreciation for the tech support people and helps you understand  
what really bothers your customers. I also used to get some of the  
other NEs to take a few calls a week -- understanding the pain it  
caused (and making customers into real people) cut down on the more  
intrusive "testing"[1].

It can also provide you with much entertainment -- for example, I  
used to get calls asking things like "Can I get the Internet in my  
house?". A few times I asked "Depends, how big is your house?", but  
no one ever got it... Or the little old lady who would call up every  
few days and say " Dearie, the internet is broken again, can you  
please reboot it?"...

[1] Where testing means "Eh, lets just reload it and see if the  
problem goes away"...

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