Router / Protocol Problem

Robert E.Seastrom rs at
Thu Sep 7 12:43:45 UTC 2006

Michael.Dillon at writes:

> Network operator discovers that measures taken to mitigate
> an old network security measure, long past their sell-by
> date, are now causing random grief. Seems to me like
> bang on topic for NANOG.

Agreed.  Rare that people do haircuts on router configs; they're
tedious and can not be delegated to an intern or someone else who
doesn't have historical context.  I just cut a config by half by
removing unused ACLs, and even that is fairly painful.

> What other such temporary mitigating
> measures are still in place long after the danger has passed. (?)

It's been almost nine and a half years and was a short-lived problem,
but I'll betcha that an announcement from AS 7007 will have
reachability problems to a measurable fraction of the Internet.  That
would make a kind of cool experiment.  Vinny, you listening?


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