comast email issues, who else has them?

Nick Burke mrmud at
Thu Sep 7 00:23:00 UTC 2006

Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> Because Comcast's tools are broken and when other mail admins or even
> their own customers call them on it, they're not even competent enough
> to understand the complaint and refuse to escalate?

It doesn't matter even if you are escalated. One of our (and their)
customers finally screamed loud enough to be escalated to a Comcast Sr
Tech (who even had his own phone number, no less!) and his response on
the phone was the same position as the first levels: "nothing we can do
about it". It should be noted that the fellow was nice enough to at
least talk to me, even though I have no relationship with Comcast other
then having my servers blacklisted by them.

Nick Burke

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