BGP-Inspect update...

Manish Karir mkarir at
Wed Sep 6 16:06:50 UTC 2006


Just wanted to provide people with a quick update on the
BGP-Inspect project.  The BGP-Inspect website
( provides
people with an easy to use, fast, querable interface to
a subset of the data collected at routeviews.

Since the last update we have added 3 additional "views",
i.e. peers whose data you can query individually.  These
new peers are:  UUNET-MCI(, Verio-CA(
and France-Telecom-NYC(  What this means is that
we are extracting information for these 3 peers in addition to
the 5 that we did previously.

The website now hosts data going back to Aug 1 2005, and the
database has grown to over 400GB.  We continue to see a moderate
amount of usage with people running queries on a continual basis.
Roughly speaking queries from outside North America seem to outnumber
queries from within(probably an artifact of the data the site provides).

One question I had for the community is just how useful is it to
provide live access to data going back upto a year.  Has anyone actually 
used such historical data in the past?  The original goal of the project
was to house data for upto 6 months, we are now upto 13 months.
If there is not much use for it perhaps we can age out data older than
say 1 year?

Comments welcome(offlist).


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