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One more thing, I can successfully do a tcptraceroute if that matters.

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	I normally would not post to the group, but I am 100% stumped
and have talked with peers with no luck.  

	I have (2) Cisco 7204 Routers running BGP with 3 peers and HSRP.
I am not doing anything special with BGP, pretty much a default config
that has not changed in years.  

	Recently with no changes to my network, I have been having
problems connecting to certain websites and mail servers.  I am always
able to ping the sites and trace route without error.  If I telnet to
port 80 or port 25 it does not connect.  If I login to my router and
telnet sourcing my each of Internet Providers ports, I am able to get to
the sites.  I have talked with all the providers and none can find a
problem.  If I shut down one specific peer, everything works fine.  So I
keep thinking it was that peers problem some how.  I have tested with
just that peer up and I still can not connect.  However, when talking
with that peer, they are able to telnet from their network to the sites
I can not reach.  I don't know what else to check besides shutting down
that peer.  Which since it is under a 3 year contract, not an option.
That isn't the real solution anyhow.  

	Can anyone shed some light on or off-list?

Give your peer a /32 to install on their access router, verify that
return path
is via them and have them do connectivity tests to your problem sites.

If that checks out you step by step through it. Ask to be moved to a
access router, next change your hardware.


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